The success of any weight loss protocol is determined by what happens to your body weight at the end of it!

Meet Tois. Last year she completed our transformation program and she lost a total of 43 lbs! A year after she completed our program she reports no weight gain, feeling great and as you can see, looking beautiful!

In her own words:

While I had outstanding and fast weight loss results from Dr. Adkins at the Carolina Weight Loss Institute last year, I was skeptical that I could keep the weight off and maintain my goal weight. Over the years I have tried many weight loss plans and lost weight from them all, but ended up yo-yoing and regaining the weight back. Under Dr. Adkins’ care and coaching, and following her maintenance protocol, I have kept my weight off for an entire year! Now, I am working on year no. 2. Carolina Weight Loss Institute has taught me a new way of life: how to eat healthily and to maintain a lean weight! Thank you so very much!

Most people think if you lose weight fast you will regain it all back.

We believe the key to a fast and HEALTHY weight loss that allows for long lasting results is taking an individualized approach that optimizes your metabolism and hormonal imbalances.

This process involves a targeted balanced diet, with nutrient rich foods and individualized supplements. Ideally this should take place under the supervision of a certified health care provider.