Physician supervised weight loss, taking an individualized approach to weight loss, addressing chemical and hormonal imbalances responsible for your metabolic slow down.

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Carolinas Weight Loss Institute

The Carolinas Weight loss Institute, is the leading weight loss clinic focusing on dealing with the functional causes of weight loss. CWLI specializes in delivering a personalized weight loss approach, by means of individualized nutritional protocols, use of proprietary weight loss formulas and additional supplementation to address chemical and hormonal imbalances that lead to metabolic dysfunction.

“Re-defining the expression ‘comfort food’ is crucial as one turns the weight loss process into a sustainable lifestyle. Educating patients that comfort food does not have to mean unhealthy food stands as a basis of our CWLI nutritional approach.”

-Dr Adkins, DC, CFMP, Founder and CEO of Carolinas Weight Loss Institute

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Food for Fuel

The CWLI Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Recipes: A No-Stress Approach with Delicious and Easy Recipes for Losing Weight, Restoring Your Metabolism and Improving Your Health

By: Dr. Lidia Adkins, D.C., CFMP