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Our flagship program is our “40 Day Transformation” system. Because our program is physician developed and administered we are able to tailor our program to the unique metabolism needs of each individual. That means we can achieve a higher than normal success rate because our program is not cookie cutter and generic.*

If you are like many of our success stories then you probably have been on every diet out there. Many of them offer some short term weight loss but the weight always comes back and sometimes you end up putting on more weight than you originally lost. The term we use for this endless chain of unsuccessful diets is called “professional dieter.” Our plan is safe, physician designed and administered, and can be sustained long term.* Also because our program does not require you to buy any special food or expensive products we are one of the most effective programs while also being one of the lowest priced programs there is.

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Our program was designed and administered by Dr. Lidia Adkins, a functional medicine doctor. As a practitioner of functional medicine she has a unique understanding of how our metabolic system functions. It is only by first coming to understand the unique metabolic type of the individual patient that we can formulate a program to “turn on” your bodies metabolic machinery.

Losing weight is about tapping into the unique metabolism of each individual. This individualized metabolic approach is the secret to our success.

How To Get Started With Our “40 Day Transformation” Program

You come in for a free consultation where we will do a proprietary metabolic analysis.
Next we create a custom program based on on your unique metabolic type. Don’t worry this isn’t one of those diets where we take away every food you love.
Your success in our program simply requires you to follow our customized step-by-step plan.
Although there are obvious benefits to exercise, it is not a vital component to our program. Once we turn on your metabolism it is not necessary to exercise excessively like some people may believe.
Lastly we prescribe a custom natural nutritional formulation to enhance your unique metabolism.

That’s It!

You work one on one with Dr. Adkins to ensure you implement our program to have maximum weight loss. It is not complicated and it’s not hard. It is built on the framework of your unique metabolism which makes the process very scientific. Our patients experience rapid weight loss that stays off. No packaged foods, shots, or stimulant drugs. Plus you will find that our weight loss program is VERY inexpensive.

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